Water jet blasting Robotic System for Aerospace Industry

Automatic Washer station to clean the parts by means of a high pressure pump with 4000 bars.

Note: work pieces are already deburred manually (by customer) when are coming at this operation.

The work piece is a part which is unique part.

The work pieces will be loaded first manually and then automatically into the washer by means fix support.

The door of the cleaning machine will be opened and the gripper will be moved to the work piece. The gripper clamps the work piece and will move the work piece towards the nozzle—fixed or rotating nozzle

The work pieces will be impacted with calibrated tools in all the faces. After the blow off, the work piece will be brought back to the initial position. A new cycle can start. Finally, the work piece will be unloaded manually

All treatment modules, tanks and all equipment components and assemblies are arranged inside a soundproofing cabin. Together with the switchgear and control cabinets also arranged inside this sound-insulating cabin the entire cleaning equipment presents itself as a neat and self-contained unit. Large maintenance hatches and easily and quickly with extractable treatment modules save time and optimize equipment maintenance and servicing.

Documentation with detailed description and photos facilitates the operator’s work. The visualization system forming part of the standard machine package provides important information on equipment operation and maintenance.

Strictly economical and environmental aspects are designed into the system. This is enhanced by patented equipment for process media treatment and extension of fluid lifetime, for chip dewatering and separation or for exhaust air treatment.

Type: IRB 4600-60kg/2.05m Foundry Prime 2 Waterjet Cleaning Robot

Type: IRB 4600-60kg/2.05m Foundry Prime 2 Waterjet Cleaning Robot

Outfitted as follows:
· Foundry Prime 2 Protection
· Pressurized motors, SMB electronic compartment and balancing cylinder
· Protection against rust on wrist and wrist flange
· Corrosion protection with special rust preventive on unpainted surfaces
· Motors sealed with sealing compound
· Special treated gears
· Stainless covers and stainless screws
· Special developed paint system
· Digital I/O Board
· Profibus connection control

High Pressue Pump System JET EDGE IP60-150

• Heavy gauge sheet metal covers
• Rugged all-steel welded framework
• Integral hydraulic reservoir
• Sound insulated for quiet operation
• NEMA 12/13 rated electrical enclosure

Standard Features
· High e ciency TEFC motor
· 1,500 or 1,800 nominal motor speed (rpm)
· Electronically shifted intensi ers
· Wye-Delta soft start with disconnect

· Safety shutdown systems
· Automatic safety pressure bleed-down valve
· Thermostatically controlled cooling system
· Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for operation and safety monitoring
· Axial piston, variable displacement, pressure-compensated hydraulic pump
· Liquid- lled pressure gauges
· UHP safety shielded tubing

Physical Size
· Length: 86 in (218 cm)
· Width: 52 in (132 cm)
· Height: 60 in (152 cm)
· Approximate Weight with Fluid: 6,100 lbs. (2767 kg)

Electric Motor
· Motor Output: 150 hp (112 kw)
· Motor Type: High E ciency TEFC electric motor
· Full load amps @ 460vac: (60Hz) 180
· Full load amps @ 230vac: (60Hz) 360

· Type: Single piston, dual plunger, reciprocating
· Number of Intensi ers: two
· Rated Pressure: 60,000 psi (4,100 bar)
· Intensi cation Ratio: 19:1
· Flow Rate: 3.2 gpm (12.1 lpm)
· Maximum Rated Ori ce Size: .025 in (.64 mm)

Low-Pressure Water/Intensi cation Water
· Type: Pretreated, · Supply Requirements: 2.9 gpm @ 20 psi (1.4 bar ) min. / 75°F (24°C) max

· Filtration: 10, 1, .45 Micron

Coolant Water
· Maximum Temperature: 70°F (21°C)
· Minimum: 0-10.0 gpm (0-37.9 lpm) @ Minimum 60 psi (4.1 bar)

· Ability to Remove: 125,000 BTU’s / Hour
· Heat Exchanger: Shell and Tube (2)
· Reservoir Capacity: 75 gallons (209 liters)
· Filtration: Full Flow 10 Micron

· Ambient Room Temperature: 50°-100°F (10°-37°C)
Relative Humidity: Noncondensing, Maximum 95% @ 100°F

Jet Edge’s Robotic Swivel directs ultra-high pressure (UHP) water for coating removal, cleaning, and deburring. The Robotic Swivel is designed for use with Motion Controlled and Robotic cleaning systems. Typical applications include preparation for recoating or repainting, stripping corrosion, coating overspray, paint scale, rust, parts cleaning, part carrier cleaning, mold release residue, and many more 


Water is supplied from a UHP intensi er pump producing up to 55,000 psi (3,800 bar) of water pressure. The water is


extruded through a rotating manifold containing sapphire ori ces or fan tip aperatures to produce a concentrated stream. Water pressure is regulated directly by means of adjusting the output of the UHP pump. Water ow rate is determined by the quantity and size of ori ces used in the various manifolds.


Manifold rotation is achieved by a pneumatic motor that drives a high speed swivel assembly. When a signal is supplied to the solenoid valve on the control box, air is routed to the pneumatic motor which rotates the water manifold via a drive belt. At the same time air is also sent to the pneumatic cylinder on the water on/o valve which opens the valve. A ow conrol valve allows the operator to regulate rotational speed of the manifold. At the same time, the pressurized water supplied by the UHP pump passes through the central shaft assembly and out through sapphire ori ces which shape the water stream. The rotation speed is regulated by adjusting the air ow. The assembly is designed so the water supply can ow directly from the UHP pump, or selectively started and stopped by an on/o valve mechanism such as a Jet Edge OmniJet®.


• Length with OJ & Manifold 20.25 in (51.4 cm)

• Height 6 in (15.2 cm)

• Depth 4 in (10.2 cm)

• Weight 13.5 lbs (6.0 kg)

• Air supply 100 psi at 25 CFM (5.8 bar at .04 m3)

• Rotation Speed:0 – 2,000 RPM

• Reaction Force 36 lbs Maximum

• Water supply Potable tap water

• Water pressure 60,000 psi (4,100 bar)


• Selection of orifices and manifolds in various sizes and configurations

• Manifolds can be designed to fit your application

Please visist: www.abb.com, www. Jetedge.com for details.

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